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Full-Time High School Senior, presently
Attending Cornerstone Health and Technology
High School, located in Detroit, Michigan

Present GPA: 3.25

Extra Curricular Activities:

Captain on his school’s Track and Field Team as well as Debate Team; Chapter President of DECA (i.e. Distributive Education Clubs of America), Inc.; President of Healthy Living Taskforce; Founding Member of Interact Club; Member of the Yearbook Club; Member of the “Dream Team” at Camp Judah-Fine Arts; and is significantly involved with the following Mentoring/Mentorship Programs: C.L.I.M.B.; Mighty Jon Youth Movement and Young Men of Valor.

Personal Interests:

Poetry, Public Speaking, Music and Sports.

Career & Future Aspirations:

To become a lawyer and eventually a well-respected lobbyist; but moreover, an inspirer of people, all people, with ties all across the world, in hopes that they become who they really are and were truly meant to be.

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